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All fetish communities had their own community group in Belgium, all except sneakers. From now on, the void is filled. This association is focused on men who like wearing sneakers, mainly with sportswear but not only. We know that sports shoes go very well with other outfits (leather, rubber, workwear…). Nike, Adidas, or other brands, everyone has his preference but all have their place.
Even if our motto is « for men who love men and sneakers« , our association is open to every genders and sexual orientations. Everyone could find his place with us !

On this site you will find information about our community, including its specificities, activities and related topics of interest. Two tabs are dedicated to our flagship activity in the year : the Belgian Sneakers Days and the election of Mr Sneakers Belgium which takes place during this weekend.

Already a disciple or still a novice, don’t hesitate to join us and ask for your member card.

Mr Sneakers Belgium 2020

For the first edition of the Belgian Sneakers Days, with the collaboration of French artists and a Brussels fetish store, #BEsneax has produced an exclusive T-shirt. Available in white or…
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This Saturday, Michael was elected Mr Sneakers Belgium by a diligent jury and an enthusiastic public. He will be the ambassador of our community and our association for a year.…
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For the first edition of the Belgian Sneakers Days, with the collaboration of French artists and the fetish shop Addikt in Brussels, #BEsneax has reserved an exclusive product for you…
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It is a gift from the sky, an unexpected gift, proof that magic exists elsewhere than in books and films. #BEsneax gets support from America. While our association lacked funding…
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Supports & Sponsors

Darklands -- 4-9 March 2020 -- Antwerp


The theme park once was the cultural highlight of Antwerp, but it has been abandoned for years. Now, an obscure and mysterious new owner transformed it into a place where boots shine, rubber is polished and the smell of leather fills the air. Are you ready for the dark ride of your life ?

Darklands 2020 - Official Teaser

Darklands has the goal to bring all the subcommunities of our scene under one roof as one family. Although many sports lovers already visited the event, they did not have a dedicated program. A dedicated team has been working close with various clubs (including #BEsneax) and brands in the sportswear community to put together their very  first program.
ℹ️ Official website of Darklands and Sportswear program at Darklands

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